I was very excited to receive the beautiful Blue Orgonite Coaster and Tower Buster that I had ordered from African Goddess Creations. 

My main concern has been around exposure to 5G radiation and other negative radiation that we are exposed to on a daily basis. 

My Orgonite items not only look good but also change the charge to positive and I can taste the difference in my water as well. 

Thank you Tersia for creating these wonderful items. .

Randburg, Jhb, South Africa

I bought the beautiful Orgonite Spiral Coasters in many different colors as they are practical and beautiful. Tersia made them with love and ensured they reached me on time when I needed it.

 I like to enjoy placing them next to my computer or my bed with my drink on top. They are the perfect decoration for any office or bedside table. 

They are discreet, functional, unique and have the Orgonite built in them which adds positive energy to the already sparkling coasters. 

Seeing them makes me have my drink with more consciousness and enjoy the gift of a sip of water in a wholesome way. 

Luz Helena
Sandton, JHB, South Africa

 I am the proud owner of the very 1st Orgonite piece ever created  by African Goddess Creations.  It has not been removed from around my neck since. It has made a significant difference in my life.

1. If I do not wear it, I. feel like I am going to be psychically attacked.

2. It assists with emotional / mental balance

3. Protects me from EMF’s

Among many other amazing beneficial properties, there are too many to mention.

African Goddess Creations prides itself in being authentic and only producing the best quality items.

I would highly recommend that you get in touch, so you to can have your very own Orgonite!

Victoria Forsyth
Costa Rica

I first came across Orgonite in a FB advert,  I was intrigued. I like to try anything new (within reason) so I got hold of Tersia.

When i went to visit her, she explained more about it and how it worked so I got a few:

one for each of my many children, one for my mom at work because she won't wear jewelry of any kind, and she made bespoke ones for my husband and myself.

My children ask asked me why they needed it and what it does, I shrugged my shoulders and said, I dunno, let's see.

2 mornings later my 4yo said thank you so much for my necklace mommy, I'm sleeping so much better. This child would usually wake up 2-4 times a night screaming blue murder waking almost everyone up every night.

My 2 children that are pretty quiet became incredibly affectionate, my daughter I wanted it for initially said she also sleeping better and has been calmer.

My mom said she feeling great and is a lot less aggressive in general, especially while driving.

When my husband and I received ours we noticed how amazing we felt, there was so much positivity and we kept telling each other how great we felt, for no specific reason, we would just wake up feeling amazing.

Over time now, my dad who visits on occasion, has said that my kids are all really calm compared to before. As with any siblings, they have their rivalries and fighting, which so happens on occasion, but hardly at all compared to before.

We've all felt an increase in energy too. I haven't once had to ask any of them to keep them on. They all make sure they keep them on by themselves.

Michelle Fourie
Jhb, Gauteng

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