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Goddess awakened

Phoenix risen

Her power unmistakable


Her Spirit bursting

Aural magic

Awakened she brings light

For those open and ready

Her ways ancient

Her purpose clear

Awoken she Rose

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I was very excited to receive the beautiful blue Orgonite coasters and towerbuster that I had ordered from African Goddess Creations. 

My main concern hasbeen around exposure to 5G radiation and other negative radiation that we are exposed to on a daily basis. My Orgonite items not only look good but also change the charge to positive and I can taste the difference in my water as well. Thank you Tersia for creating these wonderful items. .


I bought the beautiful Orgonite spiral coasters in many different colors as they are practical and beautiful. Tersia made them with love and ensured they reached me on time when I needed it. I like to enjoy placing them next to my computer or my bed with my drink on top. They are the perfect decoration for any office or bedside table. They are discreet,functional, unique and have the Orgonite built in them which adds positive energy to the already glittery coasters. Seeing them makesme have my drink with more consciousness and enjoy the gift of a sip of waterin a wholesome way. 

Luz Helena

I have been fortunate enough to know Tersia CEO of African Goddess Creations for many years.I am feeling blessed to be a part of her amazing Orgonite journey into which she ventured at the end of 2018. I am the proud owner of the very 1st Orgonite piece ever created / manufactured by African Goddess Creations.In January 2019 I left SA to travel and teach in Central America. It has not been removed from around my neck since. I traveled to Panama in January 2020, and there I was blessed to find a local who created a macramé piece for me. Now I feel it is more personalised. All her Orgonite pieces are one of a kind. You will never find 2 exact matching pieces which makes them even more unique. Knowing you are the only person in the world who has that signature piece.It has made a significant difference in my life.1. If I do not wear it, I. feel like I am going to be psychically attacked.

2. It assists with emotional / mental balance.

3. Protects me from EMF’s Amongst many other amazing beneficial properties, there are too many to mention.

African Goddess creations prides itself in being authentic and only producing the best quality items.I would highly recommend that you look at her website and get in touch, so you to can have your very own AGC signature Orgonite piece.

Victoria Forsyth

About Tersia

Tersia Engelbrecht

store owner

Tersia Engelbrecht, is the founder of the unique range of Proudly South African accessories, African Goddess Creations signature range. All of her exclusive design pieces are hand crafted. As a self-taught artiste with no formal training, Tersia has the ability to tap into the unusual and create masterpieces that invoke a tangled reflection of her quirky sense of humour, her innermost emotions, sense of adventure and somewhat twisted imagination. Tersia invites you to delve into her world, embrace the quirky diva within and above all dare to be DIFFERENT!

A spiritual awakening has led to the creation of Orgonite Pieces as well as stocking a range of ORMUS products...she is a cosmic angel on a mission...

Wholesale enquiries are most welcome, please email me so that we can discuss your requirements. 

We are in the process of signing up stockists for TransfOrmus' products across South Africa, contact me via email to discuss.


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